Marturia, After the Earthquake, Tsunami and Liquifaction

The earthquake, tsunami and liquifaction that occurred on Friday, September 28, 2018 at 06.02 PM has caused thousands of people in Palu, Sigi and Donggala (Central Sulawesi) to be in deep sorrow. The loss of family members, relatives, friends, loved ones, also lost their homes, property and even the land on which they were based and tried. Thousands of people have to live in tents and need help to be able to meet their daily needs, survive in this extremely difficult situation.

Thanks be to God because He has moved the hearts of the father / mother / brother / sister to provide assistance specifically through the STT Maturia Palu.

The assistance that comes in the form of logistics is delivered and sent to us, but also through the funds we have received. The total amount of funds we received was Rp.24,152,000 (this figure does not include assistance specifically for the provision of santasi facilities amounting to 70 million rupiah from the Church of GMIM Christ Manado). With the available funds, we buy a variety of needs: Rice, medicines, tents, soaps, etc. distributed to both refugees / victims in the Kota Palu, Kabupaten Donggala (Donggala city and Pantai Barat: Tompe village, Pasir Putih, Walandano, Palau and Moromu), and Kabupaten Sigi: Jonooge, Kec. Kulawi (Boladangko, Tangkulowi, Lonca, Winatu, Watuwali villages) and Puro’o villages in Kecamatan Lindu.

Most of these villages are located in areas that are difficult to reach. Some are only accessible by motorcycle. That is why, STT Marturia volunteers more often distribute assistance using motorbikes.

In addition to providing assistance, we also saw assistance needs for the recovery of victims. So that the distribution of assistance is accompanied by trauma healing activities that are specific to children. To carry out these activities, the volunteers have attended several trainings. For trauma healing needs, the funds we receive are also used to buy various needs and needs of children.

Assistance activities continued. Now we are working on sanitation facilities and family nutrition recovery efforts as well as the family economy through the provision of planting media and vegetable seeds in the villages of Boladangko, Tangkulowi and Lonca (Kulawi District). Assistance for children continues to be carried out, and we also collect books and toys for children as well as some children's sanitation needs. Now, a pioneering reading park is being conducted for several villages in Kulawi.